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Academic Realignment


The possible realignment of academic departments has long been a topic of conversation on the MSU Denver campus. Throughout her 2017 listening tour with faculty, staff and students, President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., noted that realignment as a means of leveling academic loads, better reflecting and marketing the University’s mission, increasing enrollment and retention, and supporting individual departments’ grant writing and development efforts was a recurring theme. 

Following a five-month data-gathering process on the value and possible structure of an academic department realignment, the President’s Advisory Council on Academic Excellence and Student Success amassed a wide variety of responses via interviews, surveys and focus groups conducted with deans, chairs and directors as well as with faculty, staff and students. Specific ideas were further examined in a design-thinking workshop and in a deep dive with President Davidson.

These ideas ultimately boiled down to four potential realignment proposals: 

Proposal 1:

Maintain the University’s current college structure but create three schools within the existing CLAS 

Proposal 2:

Expand the College of Education 

Proposal 3: 

Establish five colleges, including four balanced colleges with a separate College of Hospitality, Events and Tourism 

Proposal 4:

Establish seven colleges, including six smaller colleges with a separate College of HEAT 


Following the presentation of these four proposals in September, Provost Vicki Golich, Ph.D., invited further comment from both academic departments and Student Services units. 


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