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Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Degree

AMS Core Courses

MSU Denver’s Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute is at the forefront of a revolution in America’s manufacturing economy: That is the use of smarter, leaner factories to develop and produce innovative new products, materials, and techniques.

This multi-disciplinary degree will prepare you for leading-edge careers in the Advanced Manufacturing (AM) sector. You will complete a Core of courses that focus on subjects and experiences that are critical to a successful career in AM.


Skills Development

Knowledge Development

Critical thinking Advanced manufacturing industry sectors
Problem solving Manufacturing materials and processes
Teamwork Testing and inspection
Leadership Project and budget management
Technical writing Electronics
Reporting (both orally and in writing) Data management (including cyber-risk)
Professional relationship building  
Computer-aided designing  
Research and analysis  


AMS Concentrations

Chose a Concentration in which to focus your studies:




Professional Internship

The AMS 4950 Professional Internship course provides students the invaluable opportunity to work onsite in the manufacturing industry. This is an important opportunity to learn what it’s like to work in a multidisciplinary manufacturing environment on a “real-life” project and begin to establish your professional network.


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