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Education Partnerships

Colorado School of Mines 4+1 Master's Program


MSU Denver Bachelor of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Sciences (AMS) graduates can transfer to Colorado School of Mines in order to earn a MS Non-Thesis degree. Upon satisfactory completion of items listed below, MSU Denver students entering this agreement have the benefit of:

  • Using six (6) upper division MSU Denver credits applied to the Mines Advanced Manufacturing MS Non-Thesis degree program:
    • AMS 3010 Additive Manufacturing Stratasys Certification Preparation Course (3 credit hours)
    • MET 3630 Lean Manufacturing Systems Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • Waived graduate admissions application fee
  • Waived requirement for three (3) letters of recommendation
  • Exemption from submitting GRE test scores

MSU Denver students who successfully pass courses and meet the admission criteria of the program will not be admitted to Mines before the student’s senior year at MSU Denver. During the student’s senior year, the student can be admitted to Mines as a Special Status graduate student. Upon successful completion of the undergraduate degree at MSU Denver and after meeting the Mines admission criteria, students will be admitted into the Advanced Manufacturing MS Non-Thesis degree program and will be able to complete the MS Non-Thesis degree in two semesters. 

School of Mines Masters Transfer Program

Colorado School of Mines Advanced Manufacturing Program

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