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AMSI Industry Advisory Board Members


Steve Alviti, Jr. Vice President, Bel Air Finishing Products
Tom Bugnitz CEO, Manufacturer's Edge
Tim Bulk Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder, Special Aerospace Services
Grady Cope President & CEO, Reata Engineering & Machine Works
Mark Cordova President, Centennial Bolt, Inc.
Kevin J. Ettwein Vice President Production Operations, Lockheed Martin
Robert Geoffroy President, Davis Manufacturing
Tim Heaton President, CAMA
Edmond Johnson Owner, Premier Manufacturing
Dietmar Moll Director of Business Development, Zoller USA
Richard Pozzi Former Chair of EAET, MSU Denver
Mike Sandstrum President & Co-Owner, Armite Lubricants
Norman Stucker Commercial Leader Aerospace, Stratasys
Brian Toomey Regional President, Hartwig, Inc.
Debra Wilcox Co-Founder, The 3D Printing Store
Mark Yoss Affiliate Faculty, MSU Denver

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