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Administration Branch

The Administration Branch is a service-oriented branch that supports the overall mission and goals of a diverse and dynamic campus community. The branch:

  • Provides support in the areas of Accounting Services, Bursar, Business Services, Budget, Facilities and Space Planning, Human Resources, Data Integreity and Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence Unit, Insitutional Research, Enterprise Data Warehouse, and Information Technology Services.

  • Develops, evaluates, and supports the human and fiscal resources and the business framework of the university.

  • Embraces the institution’s vision for academic excellence and student success by upholding core values of compliance, competence, professionalism, respect, collaboration, confidentiality, and responsiveness.


The branch as a whole strives to:

  • Create a culture of open communication and trust.

  • Treat all employees with respect and value their contributions.

  • Communicate in a timely manner when providing services to customers.

  • Provide value-added services in meeting customer needs.

  • Provide excellent customer service in a timely and honest manner.

  • Seek ways to improve our services.

  • Provide avenues to improve and maintain the quality of work.

Who we are, what we do.

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