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Art Minors

Minor in Art History, Theory, and Criticism

Art history, theory, and criticism courses offer opportunities to gain different perspectives on artistic practice utilizing research-based models to understand the cultural conditions for art and design globally. Students minoring in the discipline or who select general studies coursework will discover that art history complements and expands their studies through knowledge of aesthetic and cultural practice from around the world. A broad understanding of culture prepares us for engagement in a dynamic and interconnected global context in the 21st century.

Art majors who elect to minor in Art History, Theory and Criticism should be aware that coursework used to meet requirements for the major may not be used to meet requirements for a minor. Art History, Theory and Criticism is a distinct academic discipline from Art or Communication Design, although all reside within the Department of Art and common foundational requirements.

2012 or later Art History Minor


Minor in Digital Media

The Digital Media Minor includes courses from the departments of Art, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Journalism and Media Production. A student minoring in Digital Media can be advised by full-time faculty in the Department of Art, or by faculty in the Journalism and Media Production or Communication Arts and Sciences Departments. Students should contact an advisor to plan a course of study for their particular minor.

This minor consists of 24 credits, 6 of which must be upper division. This minor is designed to provide skills that will increase employment opportunities in the field of digital media communication. In addition to required core courses, students choose one of the following concentrations: motion media, interactive media, content design or still media. The motion media concentration deals with television and corporate video production. Students in interactive media work with computer graphics, interactive applications and Web-based media production. Please refer to the Digital Media advising sheet or university catalog to learn more about the specific coursework in this minor.

2019 Digital Media Minor


Minor in Studio Art

Students earn 27 credits to obtain a Minor in Studio Art. Candidates for the Minor may be advised by any of the faculty in the Department of Art. Please refer to the Studio Art Minor advising sheet or university catalog to learn more about the specific coursework in this minor.

2012 or later Studio Art Minor


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