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  • Quizzes: You can use the Quiz Moderation feature to create accommodation settings for specific students. Please see the "Use Accommodation Settings on Quizzes" entry on the Accessibility tutorials page for more information.
  • New Quizzes: If you are using the "New Quizzes" feature, you can also create accomodation settings for specific students. Please see the Canvas knowledgebase for more information.
  • Assignments: You can add additional dates for specific students to an assignment in its Assign section. This will allow you to give individual students extra time if needed. Please see the Canvas knowledgebase for more information.

Yes, the option to use the audio/video feedback feature provided in the Canvas grading options is available for instructors to use. However, any instructor who uses this tool must be mindful that it does not have any captioning capabilities. We encourage instructors using audio/video feedback in their grading to also provide long-form written accompaniment to go with the audio/video clip. This will support students who have issues accessing the audio/video feedback due to limited internet speed/bandwidth or other reasons.

Yes, you can correct the captions of a video you have uploaded to or created in YuJa. Please see the "Edit Auto-Captions on YuJa Videos" section of the Accessibility tutorials page. Please note you may not be able to edit the captions of videos that someone else shared with you; in this case, you will need to contact the video's owner to have them edit the captions.

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