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Aviation & Aerospace

/media/content/diversityandinclusion/institutionalcapabilitesstatement/images/images/1192087_21097245.jpgOne of the largest and most advanced collegiate aviation programs in the country, Aviation and Aerospace Science specializes in space science, flight officer training, aviation management science and air traffic control. The Robert K. Mock World Indoor Airport is among the finest collegiate aviation and aerospace computer and flight simulation training laboratories in the world, and the Advanced Aviation and Aerospace Flight Simulation Training Lab houses the industry’s most advanced software for simulating space mission analysis and orbital dynamics. Currently, Aviation and Aerospace Science is collaborating on the development of long-term curricula for pilot/operator training, unmanned aerial vehicle related focus on safety/security projects, human factors/usability testing and other programs as part of Spaceport Colorado—the future hub for America’s space transportation, research and development.



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