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Resources for Faculty & Staff

Here are career development resources and information to support MSU Denver faculty and staff.

See our Advisor Toolkit for resources you can share with your students.


Customizable Class/Department Presentations

The staff in C2 Hub are happy to provide standard and customized presentations to groups of any size. The following are examples of types of presentations that have been provided in the past, however, if you have a specific need, contact us so that we may accommodate your request. Make your request online.

Overview of Services: 10 - 20 minute discussion of the services that are available through the Office of Career Services. Topics include but are not limited to: the career library in AD 270, the Career Services website, available research resources, available career planning assistance and tools, workshops offered through Career Services and current events.

Introductory Session: 15 - 30 minute introduction to  our available services. We enjoy joining staff or faculty meetings to introduce ourselves and to answer any specific questions that you may have.

Targeted Presentation for specific audiences/needs: 15 - 60 minute customized presentation to a particular group focusing on in-depth exploration into a specific topic. Topic examples can include effective job search strategies, researching employers, resume writing, interviewing skills, graduate school preparation, networking, etc.

Assessment Interpretations for Groups: The C2 Hub offers career assessment tools: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. These assessments are taken online and then interpreted by one of our certified career counselors. The assessments aid in understanding personality, strengths, preferred work environments, communication styles, and career possibilities. They are useful toward increasing effectiveness in decision-making as well as in group dynamics (as a great team-building and team-strengthening tool). Assessments are available for groups of students, alumni, faculty or staff.

Classes or groups that arrange for participants to take the CliftonStrengths  assessment from Gallup can also schedule a presentation on the instrument from C2 Hub Staff. 

Call our office at 303-615-1133 and ask for April Peterson, Assistant Director, to discuss your classroom or group assessment needs.   


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Career Services Impact Outcomes

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Graduate Employment & Outcomes

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