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Promote STEM excellence and foster inclusiveness by building a STEM pathway
and creating equity in STEM fields.

The Director of CASE is Dr. Hsiu-Ping Liu

CASE houses seven STEM programs:

  • Colorado Wyoming Alliance for Minority Participation (CO-WY AMP) - To offer services that build academic competency, support financial needs, and navigate the hidden curriculum.
  • Noyce USTEM - To support diverse prospective STEM Teachers.
  • MULTI STEM - A community based approach to engaging students and teachers in effective STEM education.
  • Women in STEM - An annual conference welcoming and celebrating women in STEM.
  • Summer Science Institute (SSI) - An experiential and research based STEM summer learning camp for minority middle school students.
  • Summer Science Scholars (SSS)An experiential and research based STEM summer learning camp for minority high school students.
  • Learning Assistant Program (LA) - A program that hires and trains undergraduate and graduate students who partner with a faculty mentor to improve STEM instruction promoting interactive, collaborative, and inclusive classrooms.

Contact Information:


Lori Taylor Linda Sivertson Dr. Hsiu-Ping Liu
303-615-0293 303-615-0294 303-615-0221                


Invisibility of disability in STEM

Broadening the Equity of Lens for STEM Teacher Education Blog

Joe Schneiderwinder "You Have to See It to Be It"

To learn more about invisibility of disability in STEM

Watch Invisibility of Disability Panel Discussion (Video)

Help with data collection by taking the survey.  The goal is: create a space for adults to share stories on their experiences with disability and to help raise awareness of disability among educators at all levels.


CO-WY AMP (Colorado-Wyoming Alliance for Minority Participation) is focused on minority participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  CO-WY AMP's mission is to build STEM equity and excellence.  We provide services from building academic competency, supporting financial needs to navigating the hidden curriculum.  The Centers focus is to provide individual peer tutoring, monetary stipends for participation, recognition of successes, faculty mentors and assistance in future goals.  These services are provided to our members year round during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Fill out the CO-WY AMP Student Application and bring it to Lori Taylor in SI 1051 to become a member. 

Summer Science Institute

During the summer the Center offers STEM education through hands on activities to middle school students.  Our middle school program, Summer Science Institute (SSI) is for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  It gives the students an opportunity to explore fun applications of math and science in an exciting, hands-on, team-oriented atmosphere on the Auraria Campus. 


Students will study Rocket Science, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Genetics, Water Environment, 3D Printing, Physics, Design Thinking, Computer Science, Meteorology and Microbiology.

For more information on the program visit Summer Science Institute.

Summer Science Scholars

Three-week, full-day science program for high school students designed to increase interest in pursuing STEM-related academics in high school and college. SSS students participate in research-based projects and are taught by MSU Denver faculty. Students focus on real-world problems, and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning skills.

For more information on the program visit Summer Science Scholars

Women in STEM

Researchers have long been studying the various reason why women are underrepresented in the STEM fields. This conference aims to not just address some of these reasons, but give our students, faculty, and staff the understanding and tools to help them succeed in their careers of choice.

The planning committee for the MSU Denver's women in stem conference is looking for departments interested in contributing to making this event a success.  if you or your department is interested in supporting the conference contact Dr. April Hill at


2020 Women in STEM Conference


on the Auraria Campus




Learning Assistant Program

Learning Assistants have been an active part of many classrooms at MSU Denver since the Fall of 2015. The program employs undergraduate students to facilitate active classroom engagement under the direction of faculty.   

The preliminary results from this program have been increased retention rates and improved scores on common final exams.

Further information for students and faculty interested in participating in the program visit us at: Learning Assistant Information  or contact the director Dr.Brooke Evans at


Multi K12 STEM Educator Resource

Multi K12 STEM educator support offers resources for engaging students and teachers in effective STEM education. Designed to advance efforts to understand and promote practices that increase students' motivations and capacities in STEM, by purposefully combining educational methodologies through multiple avenues of professional development for pre-service and in-service educators. 

The program was supported by the National Science Foundation through an ITEST grant (NSF 1615193).

For more information or to register for workshops, classroom visits, trainings, and newsletters visit the Multi page at

  • Are you a STEM major who may be interested in teaching middle or high school?
  • Are you a community college student who likes math and/or science and looking to transfer to a four-year school?
  • Do you want to be part of a supportive community?
  • Do you want a fun and rewarding career that lets you give back to the community?
  • Do you want to find out about a scholarship at MSU Denver that is worth up to $18,000

For more information or to apply:

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Campus Box 24
PO Box 173362
Denver CO 80217-3362


Auraria Campus Science Building
Room SI 1051
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 615-0293
Fax: (720)778-5703

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