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CAVEA Supports Community

 D-phi & Elevation Community Land Trust Event in CAVEA Theater

Bridging campus to community now and in the future.

 Community Rental & Public Forums

 2018 Kavanaugh Live Broadcast

   AWRA Meeting in CAVEA Theater

   2017 Solar Eclipse Open House: Viewing hosted in CAVEA Theater

   Cory Gardner addresses audience in CAVEA Theater

   Emerson Book Talk: Emerson speaking to the audience from the podium in CAVEA Theater

   Discussion with Vicente Fox in the CAVEA Theater

   2016 CAAV Conference: Speaker presenting to audience in the CAVEA Theater

   The Aaron Harber Show - Propostion CC: Panelists discuss views with Aaron Harber in CAVEA Theater

   2017 AIAA Meeting

   Senate Candidate Fireside Chat

   Photo of Strategic Plan Committee discussion in CAVEA Theater

   HEaT Global Meetings & Events Presentations in the CAVEA Theater


Community Engagement



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