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Theater and Collaboration

CAVEA Theater: Image of guests experiencing the CAVEA Theater's 270° surround visualization

We start every engagement as an exploratory conversation, to develop an individualized solution unique to your needs.


CAVEA was designed as a feature of MSU Denver's LEED Certified Jordan Student Success Building which opened in 2013. The center was envisioned as a community resource to facilitate collaborative, complex decision-making.

The CAVEA Theater boasts 270-degree visual projection, immersive surround-sound audio, stereo-3D projection options, 500 square feet of whiteboard, and two breakout rooms. Custom event design adapts to meet a diversity of uses from keynote and capstone presentations to live-stream and multi-point broadcast, scenario planning, forensic analysis, pitch sessions, design charrettes, conferences, customized lessons, and executive summits.

Image of a large audience engagement in the CAVEA Theater during an event facilitated by the former Lt. Governor.

Co-Created Immersive Experiences

Collaboration and Co-creation: Image of participatory class engagement in an immersive environment in the CAVEA Theater.

A unique, immersive environment for discussion and discovery

MSU Denver's English Professor, Janet McClaskey, worked with the CAVEA team to create a physical experience designed to stimulate discussion of themes addressed by artist Yayoi Kusama.


CAVEA Breakout Rooms 422 & 424

CAVEA's Breakout Rooms can extend a collaboration experience beyond the Theater.

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