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We're Hiring!!

Chemistry & Biochemistry at MSU Denver

MSU Denver Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty members are experts in all fields of chemistry and have a desire for educating as well as learning, often continuing their research alongside the students enrolled in their classes. Check out our ranking as one of the Top 20 Best Colleges for Chemistry in the the nation! Career options are plentiful for anyone who possesses a degree in chemistry including in fields such as medicine, criminal justice, education and much more. Our curriculum is rigorous, encompassing the scientific spectrum in relating chemistry with biology, math and physics to develop you into an expert by the time you graduate. 

Should you choose to pursue a graduate degree, an undergraduate degree in chemistry from MSU Denver will also have you well-prepared for your continued education. We are approved by the American Chemical Society to provide a certified degree option, meaning you have been assessed in all the major disciplines of chemistry and have proper training with the instrumentation and techniques needed for a modern chemist.  

With a degree in chemistry or biochemistry, your education starts with our classes, but it doesn't end there. Join us in the challenging learning environment we love. We hope to read about your future discoveries in your forthcoming field of expertise!

Chemistry & Biochemistry at MSU Denver

Career Prospects

A degree in Chemistry provides you with prolific career options. Check with Career Services to see if your path aligns with what our undergraduate degrees offer.

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