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Courses for Degree Completion

Are you interested in getting a Bachelor of Arts in Chicana/o Studies? Below are the course requirements to earn your degree. Please note that these are in addition to the general core courses that all students must take to graduate.

Part I: Major Courses

Students must earn a grade of C or better in the below courses.

  • CHS 1000 – Introduction to Chicana/o Studies
  • CHS 2010 – Survey of Chicana/o Literature (ENG 2410)
  • CHS 3460 – Chicana Feminisms
  • CHS 4850 – Research Experience in Chicana/o Studies
  • SPA 1010 – Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA 1020 – Elementary Spanish II
  • SPA 2110 or SPA 2120 – Spanish Reading and Conversation I or II

Part II: Cultural Studies or Social Practice

Depending on their educational and professional goals, majors will choose from either “Cultural Studies” or “Social Practice” as a concentration. These concentrations are not mutually exclusive, and some courses count in both; however, the concentrations are designed to guide students to courses that best meet their needs.

Social Practice Concentration

  • CHS 3100 – Social Justice and Activism in the Chicana/o Community
  • CHS 3200 – Chicana/os and the Law
  • CHS 3300 – Education of the Chicana/o Children
  • Six credit hours of electives

Cultural Studies Concentration

  • CHS 2200 – Survey of Chicana/o Cultural Studies
  • CHS 3400 – The Chicana/o Novel
  • CHS 3410 – Chicana/o Folklore of the Southwest
  • Six credit hours of electives

Note that your multicultural requirement is satisfied by CHS 1000.

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