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Emerging Programs

The Individualized Degree Program serves the University as a home for the innovation and the development of new, cutting-edge programs that are being piloted as an IDP while ensuring that they are adequately tested and prepared for formal curriculum adoption. “Incubators” or emerging programs are developed collaboratively by faculty from the relevant departments and the staff of the IDP office. From the student perspective, each emerging program is still an Individualized major or minor, with the complete IDP process still required.

The curriculum for an emerging program is developed with faculty expertise.  Although there is still flexibility for each individual student, there are courses that will eventually become required in a formal major or minor, so close advising with the home department is important. Most emerging programs become formal majors or minors within a three year period, some do so more quickly. If a student is working on an IDP that has been in incubation and becomes a formal major or minor, the decision whether to change to the new, formal program, or remain in IDP is up to the individual student, in consultation with the relevant departments and IDP advisor.

Some degrees that were previously incubated as IDP and are now catalog degrees include:

Convergent Journalism major

Genders and Sexualities Studies minor

Water Studies minor

Women's Studies major

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