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Delta Gamma Xi


The mission of Delta Gamma Xi is to promote critical thinking, rigorous scholarship and life-long learning; to keep abreast of the advances in scientific research; to elevate the ethical standards of the criminal justice professions and to sustain in the public mind the benefit and necessity of education and professional training.

Delta Gamma Xi is the University Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma; the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Contact for more information!

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  • Honor academic excellence
  • Promote community service
  • Enhance educational leadership
  • Encourage unity


DGX Board

  • President: Brandon Soria (
  • Vice President: Dominique Prisinzano (
  • Secretary: Kayla Greenslade (
  • Treasurer: Hannah Leewaye (
  • Primary Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrea Borrego (
  • Secondary Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Desire Anastasia (


Interested in becoming a member of DGX?

DGX has applications posted on their board in the hallway outside of West Classroom 254. Please take an application and fill it out completely. You will have to meet with Dr. Andrea Borrego, the organization's advisor for determination of your acceptance.  

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Membership Benefits

  • Recognition of Academic Achievement 
    • Membership in Alpha Phi Sigma designates you as an outstanding student of criminal justice and Criminology and provides national recognition for academic excellence. This honor can be noted on your employment applications, vitae and résumés.
  • Career Growth 
    • Alpha Phi Sigma is a springboard for professional growth. Opportunities are made available for you to promote your research, receive national recognition, meet and interact with leaders in the criminal justice and security field, as well as network with other Alpha Phi Sigma members from other chapters.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    • Chapter membership facilitates leadership development, interaction with other students who have similar interests, and service to the university. The experience gained by working with Alpha Phi Sigma is valuable while you're in college, as well as throughout your career.
  • Annual Scholarships and Awards
    • Alpha Phi Sigma provides opportunities for you to present research, papers and to apply for scholarships and other awards recognizing your accomplishments. Each year, the national office awards several cash scholarships to members. Annual Awards of Excellence are also given to individual members, chapters and officers.
  • Honor Regalia and National Newsletter 
    • When you become a member, you'll receive a membership certificate and a lapel pin. A bi-annual national newsletter, The Docket, is also available to members on the Alpha Phi Sigma website and will be sent to you via email. The newsletter reports on areas of concern to the criminal justice sciences and society at large. You are encouraged to use the newsletter to publish your activities and events.
  • Annual Conference
    • The Alpha Phi Sigma national conference is held each year during the month of March. The conference is held in conjunction with the Academy of Criminal Justice Science and presents a wide range of programs and activities. You have the opportunity to meet criminal justice professionals and students from other chapters. You are encouraged to actively participate in the Alpha Phi Sigma conference activities.
  • Lifetime membership
    • Alpha Phi Sigma members enjoy the privilege of pursuing networking and career opportunities with other criminal justice professionals, as well as ongoing professional development, beyond their college graduation.

Information about Alpha Phi Sigma can be found at


DGX Commencement Regalia orders: 

Please contact our organization advisor Dr. Desiré Anastasia at for information regarding DGX Regalia. To view Honor Regalia options, visit (*To order regalia, you have to do it on campus, not through Alpha Phi Sigma's website.) 


Other Information: 

Delta Gamma Xi and Alpha Phi Sigma are certified national members of the Association of College Honor Society and we are affiliated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. 

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