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Take Public Speaking Fully Online

The Department of Communication Studies offers a fully-online Public Speaking (CAS 1010) course for MSU Denver students who want convenience and flexibility when fulfilling their Oral Communication requirement.

We recognize the difficulties of balancing life outside of school and have carefully designed this option for students juggling other responsibilities, taking into account what is needed to help students succeed and learn through productive online interactions. 

A Carefully-Designed Online Learning Experience

Through their experience in online Public Speaking students will have opportunities to:

  1. Engage with learning materials built directly into online course modules. Rather than moving from resource to resource or website to website, readings, writing and speaking assignments, and discussions are incorporated directly into the online course platform. This keeps students connected to what they are learning and makes it possible to keep textbook costs low. In fact, the textbook for this course is 100% free! 
  2. Interact with classmates through weekly discussions and an innovative, easy-to-complete process that allows students to give and receive insightful feedback using the knowledge they acquire during the course. In other words, not only will you learn how to speak effectively, but you will also gain an understanding of what others do that make them successful speakers. 
  3. Collaborate with their instructors on everything from topic selection and outlining to handling speaking anxiety and delivering compelling speeches. Through the carefully designed online format, students have the chance to communicate with their professors in order to ask the questions, receive the feedback, and see the improvement they want to become better speakers and stronger communicators. 

If getting one step closer to your degree with convenience and flexibility sounds right for you enroll now for Spring 2020. 


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