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Office of the Controller


Assets is the department responsible for managing and safeguarding the University’s assets, such as cash, fixed assets, as well as the University’s financial data. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • The Petty Cash/Change Fund Policy & Procedures outlines the purpose and definition of Petty Cash, and how to establish and manage a Petty Cash Fund, Petty Cash Purchases, Replenishment of Petty Cash, Audit of Petty Cash, and Safeguarding your Petty Cash Fund.
    • NOTE: The Petty Cash Fund should also follow the fiscal rules and the Colorado Revised Statues, as outlined in the policies and procedures.
  • The Establish a Petty Cash Fund outlines the steps and forms that need to be completed to set up a fund.
  • The Increase or Decrease Petty Cash Request outlines the steps to increase/decrease or close a fund. 
  • The Change Custodian Request is to be completed when there is a change of the person in the department that has a Petty Cash Fund.  There should be a custodian and alternate custodian. 

  • The Policies & Procedures outlines what constitutes a capital asset, the types of assets and their respective capitalization thresholds, and how they are recorded on our Financial Statements.
  • The Inventory Letter & Instructions are filled out by each department to assist in conducting the University’s Annual Inventory of Furniture and Equipment.  
  • The DC Form 450 - 03A are completed when sending assets to Colorado State Surplus.

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