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Banner FOAPAL Request

Office of the Controller


The Banner System’s Chart of Accounts (COA) is the account structure used to track department transactions.

What makes a FOAPAL?
Fund (F)

Funds are used to identify the source of the revenue. In other words, it is where the money comes from.  Revenue can come from many different sources. These revenue sources include: 

- General Funds: Tuition & Fees or Program Fees, Budget, Indirect Cost Recoveries

- Auxiliary Funds: Sales, Fee for Services

- Restricted Funds: Grants, Foundations

- Plant Funds: Reserves set aside for large Capital purchases

- Agency Funds: Study Abroad, Student Clubs.

New revenue generating activities such as, but not limited to, performances, events, fundraising, space rental, sale of goods or services, and sponsorships must follow the Other Revenue Policy for approval, prior to a Fund request.

Organization (O)

The Org Code is used to identify a department.  Every department is assigned an Organizational Code. For example, “MGT” could be used for Management Department (Orgs are monitored and approved by the Budget Office).

Account (A)

The Account codes classify, in detail, the results of transactions. Account codes allow you to have more flexibility for detail on your transactions. 51XX TO 59XX are Revenue (money coming in) accounts 65XX to 79XX are Expenditure (money going out) accounts.

Program (P)

Program codes identify the functional purpose of each revenue and expenditure transaction. These codes are used to help the University report our financial position. The Program codes are a standardized system of comparable categories required by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).

Activity & Location (A/L)

Activity/Location codes help identify a specific project/activity that needs to be tracked by a department.

For more detailed information on the Banner Chart of Accounts, please review our FOAPAL Training.

The following information is required to complete the Banner Chart of Accounts FOAPAL Request form:

  • The proposed title of the FOAPAL
  • A valid business purpose
  • The exact length of FOAPAL use
  • Signatures from authorized signers
  • Department head approval

— Additional Resources —

Banner Finance Security Request Form

In order to receive access to the Banner Finance forms, please fill out the Banner Finance Security Request form. Accounting Services offers an in-class training on a monthly basis. Please see the Controller’s homepage for upcoming dates.

Banner Finance Security Request Form

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