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Fraud Hotline


This fraud hotline is a resource for students, staff, or faculty at Metropolitan State University of Denver to report any type of fraudulent activity. Anyone who may suspect, have evidence of, or has witnessed fraudulent activity should report it. Those reporting fraud may not want to be identified, so users of this form may identify themselves or remain anonymous. We do not address or investigate customer service complaints.

The most common types of complaints reported fall into the following categories:

  • Falsified invoices
  • Falsified travel expense reports
  • Receiving kickbacks
  • Use of corporate cards to purchase personal items
  • Theft of cash-on-hand, supplies, or other inventory
  • Falsified time records or other payroll information
  • Inappropriate influence over bid processes
  • Falsified financial or other reports

You may also contact the Colorado fraud hotline by visiting their website, or contacting them at | (303) 869-3020.


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