April 22, 2020


Hello friends! 
Last week during our Socially Distant Culture Club, we envisioned what we want to manifest for the future. I focused on the word “together” and have sought out ways to connect more deeply with people since then. Setting an intention has provided some structure to my week and helped me navigate life in the time of COVID-19 with a little more meaning. 
Speaking of together, I have been missing CVA and all of the beautiful people there. One person that comes to mind is Natascha Seideneck. Natascha is a faculty member at MSU Denver and has consistently contributed to CVA programming. She participated as an artist in CVA’s exhibition Water Line in fall 2017, as well as the Faculty and Staff show in 2019. She has co-curated exhibitions AND has been mentoring teens in our Art + Action Lab High School Internship program this semester. We are lucky to have her on our team!
Natascha’s art is relevant to our current situation, as well. In her series Uncanny Territory, Natascha creates fictional landscapes by freezing various objects and liquids and then photographing and digitally manipulating them. She creates manufactured landscapes to open up discussion about what has taken place on earth since the arrival of humankind. We’ll look at her work and some from the other artists in Water Line to inspire us this week. Then we’ll create our own landscapes, perhaps similar to what we see out our windows. Or maybe it’s an interior landscape in our homes, an emotional landscape representing our mental state, or a possible future.
Grab your materials of choice, or just what is at hand, and join us to think, create and come together through art! Please note our new start time, we will begin at 5:00 pm tomorrow, Wednesday April 22nd, on Zoom.

Much Love, 
CVA Education Manager

P.S. Remember to share your creations with us on social media! Use the hashtags #CVAlandscape #CVAcultureclub.

Featured Artist - Natascha Seideneck



Learn more about Natascha Seideneck here.



More Artists for Inspiration


Most of this week's artists may be found in CVA's Water Line exhibition, which examined social issues surrounding water and promoted stewardship and activism through the artwork of the contemporary artists it featured. Read the Denver Post's review of the exhibition here.


Images, left to right, top row: WAIS Reliquary: 68,000 Years, Anna McKee, 2014, Water Line: A Creative Exchange, Center for Visual Art, Denver, CO; The Jungle, Aurora Robson, 2006, 212 Art Fair, New York, NY.
Bottom row: Mars, Kahn & Selesnick; This Is Not a Snake and Lifts The People with Shows a Good Way, Winter Count, 2017, Water Line: A Creative Exchange, Center for Visual Art, Denver, CO


Creative Culinary Links We Love

Create your own stars and galaxies with a bit of butter, sugar, and flour. These cookies will transport you out of this world!

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