April 29, 2020


Hello, Online Art-makers!
Now that I am working from home, relatively alone, I wonder how that has changed who I am? This week, we’ll focus on how the ‘Stay at Home’ period is changing the way we see ourselves. Think about what is different in your daily life… like not commuting to the office, skipping a shower (or two), or missing major social events. All of us have, in one way or another, stopped being our usual selves. What does that look like to you? 
Shadi Ghadirian’s Like Everyday series was inspired by the objects she was given for her wedding. The objects seemed to dictate the role she was expected to play as a wife. In the series, she uses the objects almost like masks to change the identity of the shrouded woman holding them. Look at the objects around you. What do they tell us about your life? 
As you gather your materials, think about the meanings behind them, or what they represent in your life. Are they connected to one or more of your identities as a person? Do you use them differently now? How will you represent these objects? Don’t limit yourself to photography, all mediums are welcome. 
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and talking about this new world we are making together! We'll get started on Wednesday, April 29, at 5:00pm on Zoom.
Much Love, 

CVA Education Manager
P.S. Shout out to my teaching assistant Emily for coming up with this idea!

P.P.S. Remember to share your creations with us on social media! Use the hashtags #CVAeverydayobjects #CVAcultureclub.

Featured Artist - Shadi Ghadirian


Shadi Ghadirian's photographs from the Like Everyday series were part of CVA's Presence: Reflections on the Middle East exhibition in 2017. Organized by the CVA, the exhibition featured 12 artists living in the U.S. and abroad with more than 60 photo-based works that reflected the tension inherent in the presence, or absence, of people in a place, whether in their native land or abroad. Read Westword's review of the exhibition here.


Learn more about Shadi Ghadirian


More Artists for Inspiration

Images, left to right, top row: Cornelia Parker, Thirty Pieces of Silver (exhaled)--Hip Flask, 2008; Tsehai Johnson, The Coffee Exchange, 2017, Redline, Denver, CO.
Bottom row: Vanessa German, Black Madonna Paddle #1006, 2017, Concept Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA; Betye Saar, Sock it to Em', 2011, mixed media assemblage, Fondazione Prada, Milan.

Creative Culinary Links We Love

Iranian, or Persian, dishes are renowned in the world of Middle Eastern cuisine. Here are two versions of a delicious, frittata-like, egg-based dish called Kuku Sabzi for you to try, individually sized or one large pan.

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