Hello Creative Friends! 

This week will be the end of our weekly meetings, but not to fear, I think our monthly sessions will be that much better for the time in between. And one day soon, I hope we will be physically back in the studio, eating and drinking and making art together in person, but until then...

I have saved my favorite theme for the last session. Afrofuturism!!!! It combines the past, the future, revolution, evolution, liberation, and speculative fiction all in one beautiful and insightful art movement that I can't wait to share with you.

Shattered Moon Alliance, an artist collective featured in CVA's Collectivisms exhibition last summer, created a contemplative space with elements of past, present, and future time travel. The collaborative work of Shattered Moon Alliance conjures community, regardless of the distance between collaborators. Their installation consisted of organic material, poetry, simple sculptures, twinkling lights, and shiny metallic material as a "toolkit" for helping one another survive.

Join us this week, bring an open mind and fresh eyes and let's see what we can uncover. 

Meet me this Wednesday, July 8 at 5:00 pm on Zoom.


P.S. Share your work with us! Tag CVA in your social media posts about your artwork and include the hashtags #cvacultureclub #cvafrofuturism

Featured Artist - Shattered Moon Alliance


Images: Shattered Moon Alliance, Patterns Changing Patterns, 2017


After 6 years of long-distance pen pal friendship, artists Serena Lee and Christina Battle joined forces to make collaborative art through the lens of sci-fi world-building that re-centers feminist perspectives. Expanding on the collective’s ongoing thematic of time-travel, this work entitled Patterns Changing Patterns manifests from conversations and experiments considering the political implications of displacement in time and space by integrating sculpture, video, lights, and live plants.
“Shattered Moon Alliance is a living research project, taking the form of a series of workshops. The core focus of our collaborative research is to explore science fiction narrative worldbuilding grounded in our perspectives as women of color.” – Shattered Moon Alliance


Learn more about Shattered Moon Alliance

More Artists for Inspiration

Angelbert Metoyer, Guardian King, 2017


Images, left to right, top row: Pedro Bell, album cover for Funkadelic's Cosmic Slop, 1973; C. Kabiru, Westgate, 2013

Bottom row: Krista Franklin, Manchild in the Promised Land, 2007; Joshua Mays, Omni, 2020


Learn more about Afrofuturism herehere, and here.

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