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March 25, 2020


Let's socialize from a distance! We're taking our monthly art happy hour online with a virtual Culture Club. Below you will find this week's artist inspiration, creative how-tos, and recipes. Create one or all of the things included below and be sure to share them with us.

Please join us on Facebook at 4:00 pm today as this week's artists embark on an art adventure like no other. Then, grab a drink and some snacks and meet us on Zoom for happy hour.

Featured Artists

Two performance artists sprawled on a stage


The Ladies

There isn't really a name for what The Ladies do.?? The alter-egos of dance artists Leanne Schmidt and Marlene Strang, The Ladies fuse dance, improv comedy, and immersive theatre to create an entirely new kind of performance.

Get to know The Ladies.

What's Happening

The Ladies join CVA in making our every day a little more creative. It’s easy to roll out of bed and work in the clothes that you slept in but in these times of distancing there's no reason not to make an effort fashion-wise.

Coronaviruses get their name from an external structure that features little crown-like spikes. As a matter of fact, corona means crown in Latin. We are going to take that inspiration and run with it! A crown is just what you need to keep spirits high, as they say, Keep Calm and Wear a Crown!
You might not have a lot of art supplies in the little hidey-hole you’ve got yourself quarantined in, but not to worry, many an artist has had to make do when times are tight.
Step 1: Assess the materials that you do have. Think about the symbolism in the imagery you choose. Plantlife is a sign of hope and a connection to nature; those paper products you’ve been hoarding are the new sign of affluence. Have an extra can of chickpeas or a tin of tuna? The metallic glimmer brings just the right shine to this project.
Step 2: You’ll need a base, something to hold it all together. It should fit your head snugly, but not too tight. Make sure it is comfortable but can hold the weight of the adornments that you will add. This can be made of cardboard, tubing, a pool noodle, or even a bundt cake pan.
Step 3: Finally, you’ll need something to attach it all. Yarn, twine, wire, safety pins - something like that. Arrange materials on the base in a manner that represents the feeling you want to express, then firmly attach by wrapping or tying. You want this to be balanced and sit comfortably on your head.

Step 4: Watch the tutorial video on Facebook with The Ladies and join us live on Zoom at 4:00 pm today.

Step 5: Tag your creations on social media with #coronacrownCVA and #CVACultureClub throughout the following week. CVA will repost some of our favorites. 

Four examples of crowns made from different materials

Links We're Loving

It wouldn't be a proper Culture Club without food and drink. Here are some recipes The Ladies would be proud of...


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There are so, so many casserole recipes out there but this mom swears hers is the best. And who doesn't love tater tots!
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This classic beverage is the ultimate happy hour drink! Pull out that box of wine you've stashed and spruce it up with this recipe.
The Meg Ryan - A Bright & Bubbly Berry Beverage
No alcohol, no problem! This berry spritzer recipe will please the pickiest of palettes.


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