Hello Culture Clubbers! 

While “Staying at Home”, many of us have gone through a full spectrum of emotions. Anxiety and concern for the world are top of the list, coupled with uncertainty and ambiguity. Like any new experience, this one can be difficult to see objectively while we’re in the midst of it all.

This week we are looking at abstract art as a way to express intangible ideas that defy words. Abstract art uses visual language removed from a literal context to express an idea or feeling. Shape, color and texture often play starring roles, while the subject matter might be something less recognizable. 

In 2016, CVA presented “Colorado Women in Abstraction,” guest curated by Michael Paglia. The exhibition featured women artists who have been influential in the development of abstract art in Colorado. We will use the work from this show to inspire us in expressing some things that we can’t quite put to words. 

I’ll see you Wednesday, May 13 at 5 pm on Zoom!

CVA Education Manager

P.S. Remember to share your creations with us on social media! Use the hashtags  #CVAabstraction #CVAcultureclub.

Featured Artists from Colorado Women in Abstraction 

Deidre Adams, Dispersive Medium

 Linda Fleming, Whirlwind, Portent, Smoke Creek


Learn more about this exhibition.



Images, left to right, top row: Amy Metier, Painters Painter; Kate Petley, Tagged

Bottom row: Sabin Aell, Glamorbird; Margaret Pettee Olsen, Vortex/Central Repository


Creative Culinary Links We Love 

Creamy Batik Soup

Engage your inner culinary Abstract Expressionist! This bright, colorful soup is full of rich flavor and defies convention. Serve it either hot or chilled.


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