Hello Information Interpreters! 
We rely on journalism to help us understand what is happening in the world, especially these days. While I am no longer checking the numbers multiple times a day, I still rely on information collected by news outlets to make decisions about what I do and to get a larger picture of what is going on.  
CVA’s Gravity of Perception exhibition in 2019 included artwork by Krista Wortendyke. Her work looks at the way violence is represented in the media. She brings to light and interprets data in visual ways that demonstrate the magnitude of the statistics inundating our news feeds. We will look at her work and that of other artists who interpret data in innovative ways to help us understand the world we live in today. 
I look forward to making art, and learning from it, alongside you! Meet me this Wednesday, May 20 at 5:00 pm on Zoom.

P.S. Remember to share your creations with us on social media! Use the hashtags #CVAstats #CVAcultureclub.

Featured Artist - Krista Wortendyke

Gravity of Perception brings together artists who work with archives, both historic and newly created, to shed light on the past, reflect on our present, inspire hope for the future.

“These artists do not just open our eyes and awareness, but invite us to envision a better, more inclusive future, “ Cecily Cullen, Director and Curator of CVA.


Learn more about Krista Wortendyke.

Learn more about Gravity of Perception.


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