Hello Distant Artists,
Using contemporary art as a way to understand our times is what we do at CVA, and Culture Club, while distant or in person, furthers that mission. As we humans morph and bend to change with our times, CVA’s 2014 exhibition Paper Work comes to mind. Artists in this show used paper in a myriad of ways and showed how agile and yet enduring the material can be. 
Cecily Cullen, the curator of Paper Work and director of CVA, said in her curatorial statement, “Though perceived as fragile or weak, paper can have great strength. Despite its pedestrian utility, this material has been transformed and made spectacular.” This week we will take paper as our inspiration. We can learn from the strength and steadiness of paper as well as its ability to transform to help guide us into new realities that await us on the other side of this pandemic. 
This week you’ll definitely need paper, but beyond that please feel free to bring any other material that makes sense. I look forward to seeing the many different ways we can use this material.
Meet me this Wednesday, May 27 at 5:00 pm on Zoom.

P.S. Remember to share your creations with us on social media! Use the hashtags #CVApaperwork #CVAcultureclub.

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Featured Artists from Paper Work


Liz Miller is an installation artist whose site-specific works become abstract landscapes that defy definition. In this piece titled Egregious Feng Shui, the viewer is challenged to see the same composition more than once as the fabric and paper forms rearrange themselves with every glance.


Jennifer Ghormley is a printmaker and installation artist. In this piece titled Flow, she suspended hundreds of hand printed paper shapes in a formation that mimics patterns found in nature as an exploration of human interaction with the natural world.


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