May 6, 2020


Hello, distant art makers!! 
As we have heard so often, we are living in unprecedented times. But are we really? We have a tendency to feel like what we are going through is unique, but if we dig into history we can find guidance from those that came before us. For this week’s Socially Distant Culture Club, we are looking to the ancestors to help us make sense of what we're going through today.
Tya Anthony showed in CVA’s Gravity of Perception exhibition in the Winter of 2019. Her work Black Tarot used imagery from the WPA archive mixed with open source images of botanical illustrations and western architecture. Recontextualizing images of black sharecroppers and re-presenting them as divine beings opens us up to wisdom we can learn from today. 
This week we will look to other planes of existence, whether past and present, or on a different vibrational plane, to navigate the world we find ourselves in today. Tarot cards are just the beginning, there are hundreds of methods of divination throughout the world. Find a partial list here 

I cannot wait to see what you all make inspired by this work! Meet me tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6 at 5:00 pm on Zoom.
Much Love, 

CVA Education Manager

P.S. Remember to share your creations with us on social media! Use the hashtags #CVAtarot #CVAcultureclub.

Featured Artist - Tya Anthony



Tya Anthony's collages from the Black Tarot series were part of CVA's Gravity of Perception exhibition in 2019. Gravity of Perception brought together artists who work with archives, both historic and newly created, to shed light on the past, reflect on our present, and inspire hope for the future.
Read (SALT) Magazine's write up of the exhibition here.

Learn more about Tya Anthony


More Artists for Inspiration


Images, left to right, top row: Fountain Tarot, 2015, created by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl, Andi Todaro; Naturaliza Muerta Reslicitando, 1963, Remedios Varo.
Bottom row: The Dark Museum-Blood Coral, 2016, Mark Dion; Soy Animal, 2020, acrylic on canvas, ceramic, and mixed media, Grace Gutierrez, MSU Denver Spring 2020 BFA Thesis Exhibition, Denver, CO.

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