2019 Fall BFA Thesis Exhibition Banner Image

Fall 2019 MSU Denver BFA Thesis Exhibition  |  November 1 - 30, 2019


The Fall 2019 BFA Thesis Exhibition is a culmination of MSU Denver studio art and communication design students’ education as artists and designers. MSU Denver BFA Thesis exhibitions are held bi-annually here at the Center for Visual Art. These dynamic exhibitions offer a chance to see some of MSU Denver's best and brightest emerging art and design talent. Read the press release


Click any image below to learn more about each artist and designer:


BFA in Studio Art

Monique Archuleta

Color photography of vibrantly colored magenta and yellow flowers.

Erin Graboski

Black and white photograph of lone, hunched figure with red and blue threads embroidered through the photography paper

Visi Herman

Old TV with three light bulbs on top.

Bradley Kramer

Black and white photograph of a young, shirtless male jumping into a pile of pinecones

Margaret Pollack

Abstract painting with magenta, yellow and cyan swirls

Sean Reifman

Green and yellow ceramic object

Grace Rink

Young man and woman embracing in a hug

Helen Rivera

Young Latina woman posing in a white, jewel encrusted, quinceanera-style dress

Krystle Ruiz

A Dios de Los Muertos style painted skull in a glass jar

Kristin Smith

Rusty clock with pills

Shaina Smith

Painting of a woman wearing a pink headband with a bow and glasses

Megan Stevens

Object constructed from woven strips of black and white paper.

Jasmine Wynter

Painting of various lipsticks


BFA in Communication Design

Annamarie Dunne

3d rendering of a sofa with metal bars protruding from the seat cusions

Alexandra Dirksen

Plastic single use water bottles

Julie Le

Profile portrait of an attractive brunette woman wearing prominent makeup

Amber Likun Song

Design mock up of various luxury brand garment tags

Ben Myklebust

Various carpentry tools

Cheyne Potter

Abstract black and red forms

Jesse Pulido

Chainlink fence

Hans Wendlandt

Red Nike shoe box