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July 30 - October 16, 2021

In Armor, CVA presents a contemporary take on battle armor and the protective power imbued into objects as the artists create and manipulate the materials in response to the different threats and attacks they face as individuals or within their communities. These explorations into armor uncover how structures or ideals can protect, but also fail us. CVA’s Director & Curator Cecily Cullen says of the exhibition, “Art can be a solace, a form of protection in itself, but we also find commonalities and creativity, wisdom and innovation that remind us that anything is possible. Sometimes there are solutions as straightforward as joining together as a community. Other times an expression of absurdity is the only response that is fitting to the incomprehensible offenses perpetrated among us humans.”

Artists in the Exhibition

Erika Diamond (Asheville, NC), Merritt Johnson (Sitka, AK), Sammy Seung-min Lee (Denver, CO), Skyler McGee (Jacksonville, IL), Jaime Molina (Denver, CO), Jennifer Pettus (Denver, CO), Frankie Toan & Steven Frost (Denver, CO), Ravi Zupa (Denver, CO)  

Exhibition Events


Opening Reception



CVA welcomes you to the opening reception of Armor. The exhibition addresses dfferent ways artists express concepts of bodily protection and the means by which we arm and mend ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Friday, July 30

Member Preview: 5:30-6:00pm

Public Reception: 6:00-8:00pm 

Water, Papers & Rhythm


Korean paper felting exploration with Sammy Seung-min Lee. Workshop participants will explore an array of felting and casting techniques using Hanji (Korean mulberry paper).

Thursday, September 16


Registration link coming soon!


Header Image: Erika Diamond, Eggshell Bodice (detail), 2017