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Cornel West

Lecture & Discussion

Preceded by a selection of spoken-word artists, musicians, and lecturers, Dr. Cornel West shared his passionate thoughts on race, democracy, and the humanities in the Tivoli building.

Ben Nichols

The Last Pale Light in the West

Lucero’s frontman Ben Nichols performed and discussed "The Last Pale Light in the West," a solo album based on Cormac McCarthy's classic American novel, Blood Meridian.

Wounds to Scars

Lecture, Poetry and Live Art with Q&A

Artist Sheila Gallagher and philosopher-poet Richard Kearney explore the power of remembrance.

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

Performance & Discussion

The Denver Center for Performing Art's “Shakespeare in the Parking Lot” performed and discussed an abridged version of Romeo and Juliet outside the Tivoli Building.

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