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Achieving excellent university data and exceptional university-data users

To meet President Davidson’s goal of updating and transforming university data analytics to support decision‐making, goal‐setting and marketing, we need to ensure MSU Denver has the tools and practices necessary to consistently measure our work and communicate the data‐informed knowledge that University constituents and the public need.

Operating Alliance and Norms

Here's how we’ve agreed to work together:

  • We understand each of us is on this task force in service to our students: past students, present students, and future students.
  • For the good of the university, we share a commitment to emerge from this work stronger and more unified than going in:
    • We agree to attack problems, not people.
    • We will make room for objection but not obstruction.
  • As a state institution, we recognize MSU Denver must actively ensure its data systems and practices embody and enact the university’s commitment to mending internal and external inequities and fostering an anti-racism environment.
  • We agree to bring difficult conversations into our task force meetings (because if this work were easy, it would have already been done).
  • By serving on this task force, we each agree to participate in collective task force initiatives and to take increased leadership in improving university data integrity and knowledge management across our individual areas of influence and authority.
  • We agree to keep the work we are doing and the results we develop to continue beyond the lifespan of this task force.

MSU Denver Sign on Jordan Student Success Building

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