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Support for an important role

Are you pregnant, a new mom, an established mom, or even just thinking of becoming a mom? Then this is the group for you.

By Mark Cox

January 20, 2017

Metro Mommies is an informal (and very friendly!) support group that meets on campus each month. We met with founder Amber Mozet and regular member Janine Flores Jackson to find out more.

How and when and did the group start?

AMBER: When I came back from maternity leave in late 2014, I knew lots of other moms on campus who’d had babies at around the same time. One day, someone needed some baby supplies so I texted the other moms and sorted the problem. Then I thought: What if I hadn’t been here? I decided it was time to connect everyone. We launched in Spring 2015 and now have more than 20 members.

What was the initial reaction?

JANINE: Everyone immediately realized this was a great idea. Personally, I felt it was such a welcome thing because there are so many uncertainties and worries in being a new mom. Having those other moms on hand has meant lots of priceless advice and extra support. As a new mom, the group means the world to me.

What happens at the group?

AMBER: First we introduce new members and remind each other of our kid’s ages. Then we discuss a different topic each time – such as flying with a baby, coping with children’s parties or dealing with challenging behavior. My own little one, for example, is all about licking cement and eating leaves at the moment.

JANINE: And we all have stories like that. That’s the point, really. It’s so reassuring to learn that everyone else is living through the same challenges – and you’re not going crazy after all.

AMBER: Basically, we swap anecdotes and have fun. It’s a chance for moms to be real and unvarnished – to bring their own stories of motherhood to a group that understands them. And everyone brings something different.

How does it help?

AMBER: We all play different roles here at the University, so it’s good to see how other people are managing and maybe learn from their example. There’s also a strong mentoring aspect because some members already have older kids, and can pass on their knowledge and experience. And now we even have “pre-moms” coming along – women who are currently trying to get pregnant. They’re really eager to get our advice.

What sticks in your memory?

JANINE: When I was pregnant, some of the labor stories absolutely freaked me out! It’s probably best if I don’t go into the eye-watering details. But those same tales also gave me comfort, because here were my friends and they’d all done it. That gave me extra confidence.

AMBER: It’s always nice when pregnant members come back after having their kid, sometimes looking a little disoriented. Just to be able to say: “Hey, how are you doing?” I think they really appreciate that.

JANINE: That’s true. There is so much focus on the baby from everyone else, but here in our group we focus squarely on the mom. That’s a big selling point for me.

Sounds great. How does one join?

AMBER: Easy! Just email me at We meet at noon on the third Thursday of every month in room 303 of the Student Success Building. We’d love to see you all there.

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