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OWOW, that’s a lot of money

One World One Water Center receives $200,000 grant from Sprout Foundation.

By Dan Vaccaro

March 6, 2017

The One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship recently received a $200,000, five-year grant from the Sprout Foundation. And that’s more than just a drop in the bucket!

I sat down with OWOW Center Director Tom Cech to ask him a few questions about the grant and the impact the funds will have on MSU Denver.

What exactly is a Sprout grant?
Since 2005, the Sprout Foundation has supported nonprofit organizations to preserve the environment, and separately, to promote early childhood endeavors. The foundation serves the Denver Metro area and Grand County, and supports hands-on environmental programs that protect the local environment, such as those that impact our water supply.

What will the grant fund and for how long?
The grant will help fund administrative and other operational expenses for the next five years. We are very grateful for their wonderful support of the OWOW Center's work.

When did you apply for the grant? How did it feel to get the good news?
Deputy Provost Sandra Haynes and Steve Galpern in the MSU Denver Development Office have been talking to Bob Fanch with the Sprout Foundation for several years. It was very humbling to receive the news of the grant because it showed the importance of MSU Denver's water education mission.

Why is this grant important to MSU Denver and the state of Colorado?
The grant is vitally important as it allows the OWOW Center and MSU Denver to strongly continue our leadership role in Colorado and outside the state with interdisciplinary water education activities.

Any other water-related events you want to plug, specifically those of interest to faculty/staff?
The WASSUP Club (student water education club) hosted an internship fair at St. Cajetan's on Feb. 28, and we're developing a study abroad class to San Luis Rio Colorado for spring 2018. It is the first city in Mexico along the Colorado River and received the river pulse flows from Morelos Dam in 2014. We're also developing a potential classroom partnership with the American Water Works Association and MSU Denver faculty.

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