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Spins, loops and rolls

MSU Denver’s Aerobatics Team brings back trophies.

May 3, 2017

Members of MSU Denver
Members of MSU Denver's aerobatics team.

MSU Denver Aerobatic and Glider Club team members recently outperformed the U.S. Air Force Academy at a regional contest, in preparation for the national collegiate competition this summer. The University team brought home three trophies.

Dagmar Kress, affiliate aerobatic flight instructor at the University and team leader, downplayed the victory somewhat, cognizant of possible aerobatics karma, and complimented the Air Force team. “The USAFA team is a very cool bunch; we had a great time with them. They were extremely welcoming, outgoing and friendly, she said. “They compete in gliders, for which they receive a handicap.” She explained that aerobatic competition has five categories, with increasing degrees of maneuver complexity and difficulty. “The academy’s team competes in higher categories,” she said, which makes it harder for them to win.

She said the contest was awesome, and had “great energy and excellent team bonding.” The MSU Denver team made many new friends. And, the best part: the three trophies won by students.

· Primary Category
First place – Brooks Dickerson
Second place – Alon Geffen

· Sportsman Category
First place – Jared Hulse

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