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Think you have a bug? Not feeling well?

The employee wellness fair offers many free health services, including screenings, flu shots, wellness training and more.

October 30, 2017

Health Center at AurariaMSU Denver is offering free comprehensive health screenings and flu shots at our upcoming health fair Nov. 2 from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Tivoli Turnhalle.

We are once again using Preventive Health Now LLC to provide these services. Sign up for a screening and RSVP for a flu shot with the links below. If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Bathrick. The flu season can start as early as October and peaks in January/February. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone over the age of 6 months get vaccinated this year. You can learn more about the flu vaccine in the attached flyer or at the CDC website.

What: Get a flu shot and comprehensive health screening: chemistry panel, thyroid and complete blood-count screening (blood draw), blood pressure, Body Mass Index calculation and oxygen level (see the attached flyer for further details). This valuable testing is similar to what you would get at a routine physical. You do need to RSVP for these services below. You will also have the opportunity to get a fitness test, bone-density screen and lung-function test at the health fair (these will be first-come, first-served).

Preparing for your health screening:

  1. A fast of eight hours is recommended for best results (People with diabetes and pregnant women do not need to fast)
  2. Drink plenty of water the night before and the morning of your screening
  3. Avoid nicotine and caffeine one hour prior to your screening
  4. Avoid exercise 12 hours prior to your screening
  5. If you take medication, take as you normally would.

Cost: The health screenings and flu shots are free for full-time faculty and staff. You may add further tests to your screenings at a minimal cost (more details attached). The fitness test, bone-density screen and lung function are free and available to anyone attending.

Signing up for your screening: Simply click on one of the links to sign up for your screening and RSVP for your flu shot. You may get your flu shot at the same time as your health screening or come in anytime to get your flu shot. If the time slot you would like is already booked, there should be enough supplies for walk-ins.

Auraria Metropolitan State University of Denver Screening and Flu Shot Nov 2

Auraria MSU Denver Flu Shot Only Nov 2

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