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Faculty Citings

An overview of MSU Denver faculty’s publications and presentations from the past few weeks.

By Nathan Solheim

December 13, 2017

MSU Denver campus MSU Denver faculty publish their research in some of the world’s most prestigious academic journals and present at conferences across the globe.

Here’s an overview from the month:

Philip Bernhardt, associate professor, education
Book chapter
“Teachers’ as decision makers: Using document-based activity structure (DBAS) to create social studies curriculum.”
Teaching Social Studies: A Methods Book for Methods Teachers

Eric Blomfelt, assistant professor, management
"The Characteristics of a Single Instance of Conduct May Result in Liability for a Harassment Claim"
Paper presented at 2017 Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International (ABEAI) Conference

Amy Eckert, associate professor, political science
Book chapter
“Cui Bono: Moral Victory in Privatized War”
Moral Victories: The Ethics of Winning Wars

Eric James, assistant professor, communications arts and sciences
Journal article
“Neoliberalism and the Communicative Labor of CrossFit”
Communication & Sport

Jason Janke, interim chair, professor, Earth and atmospheric sciences
Refereed journal article
“An inventory and estimate of water stored in firn fields, glaciers, debris-covered glaciers, and rock glaciers in the Aconcagua River Basin, Chile.”
Geomorphology, 296

Raj Khandekar, professor, management, and Norm Pence, professor, computer information systems
Journal article
"Strategic Planning, Learning, and Company Performance in a Strategic Management Simulation Environment"
Business Education and Innovation Journal

David Kish, professor, music
Practicing With Purpose: An Indispensable Resource to Increase Music Proficiency

Kishore Kulkarni, professor, economics
International lectures
Dec. 15: Lecture in D.G. College Satara, Maharashtra State
Dec. 16: Lecture in Symbiosis Institute of Management Sciences (SIMS), Pune
Dec. 18: "Shanmugasundaram Endowment Lecture" in Ithiraj College for Women in Chennai
Dec. 21-22: IRBE/IIMP International Conference in Mumbai
Dec. 29: Keynote Speech in Sona Institute of Management conference in University of Goa, Goa.

Katherine Martinez, assistant professor, women’s studies
“Childhood familial victimization: An exploration of gender and sexual identity using the Scale of Negative Family Interactions (SNFI)”
Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Lisa McVicker, associate professor, management
"AIMCO Takes Aim at Airbnb: Multiple Lawsuits Pits REIT Against Disrupter—Apartment Management vs Online Broker"
Paper presented at 2017 Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International (ABEAI) Conference 

Carol Quinn, professor, philosophy
The Glorious Life of Jessica Kraut: An Adventure in Eastern and Indigenous Religions and Philosophies

Nina Radojevich-Kelley, associate professor, and Bill Carnes, associate professor, management
“French Entrepreneurs: College Student Perspectives"
Paper presented at 2017 Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International (ABEAI) Conference   

Jessica Retrum, interim chair, associate professor, social work
“Understanding Social Isolation Among Urban Aging Adults: Informing Occupation-Based Approaches.”
OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health

“Lessons learned from community-based participatory research: establishing a partnership to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ageing in place.”
Family Practice

Corey Sell, assistant professor, education
“Elementary social studies pedagogical content knowledge: A framework for teaching and learning”
Social Studies Journal, 37(2) 

"Elementary social studies pedagogical content knowledge: Using it to design a course, assess learning, and determine impact"
2017 College and University Faculty Assembly Annual Meeting, San Francisco
Author and presenter

"Disciplinary literacy and thinking: Using a document-based activity structure to push beyond the buzzwords"
2017 National Council for the Social Studies Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

"Elementary teachers using primary sources: A Colorado collaborative"
2017 National Council for the Social Studies Annual Meeting, San Francisco

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