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The professor’s room: Amy Dore

An occasional series that gets within the inner sanctums of academia – because clever people have interesting rooms.

By Cory Phare

February 27, 2018

MSU Denver Professor Amy Dore in her office

Amy Dore helps students feel at home when they step into her office.

That’s why the associate professor and director of the Master of Health Administration program was nominated for this feature by the Department of Health Professions’ Charisma Martinez. And by bringing a homey sensibility to her workplace, we get a sneak peek into the makings of a wondrous wellness warrior.

  1. I love photography – I took this shot from my hometown of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, right before a major storm. A flood hit the town the day after and our family house was affected, but – like our students here – we’re tough and we persevered.
  2. This Wonder Woman sign came from an antique store right at the time the recent movie came out. I grew up watching the television show and love strong female role models, so thought it’d be a great addition to help encourage others.
  3. I keep thank-you notes from students in my office because they inspire me every day – they’re truly the heart and culture of our program.
  4. My friend gave me this “Dr. Amy Dore” sign when I finished my doctorate in health administration. It’s something I would never buy for myself and she’s no longer with us, so it means a lot to me.
  5. Our Master of Health Administration launched one year ago; we’re just about to welcome our fourth cohort. I’ve been involved in a lot of different work in my 16 years here at MSU Denver – I never would’ve imagined all of the growth, but it’s been wonderful to be able to provide opportunities to so many students.
  6. This may be cheesy, but these Dove bars have motivational sayings on their wrappers. I like to inspire positivity. It’s easy to get stressed out today and everyone’s facing their own struggles, so it’s important to remind people that they are enough and encourage hope.

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