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BEEP! That’s the sound of mentorship

Program matches new hires with faculty and staff to build connections, familiarize with MSU Denver.

By Cory Phare

May 21, 2018

Rowdy the Road RunnerWhat does it mean to be a Roadrunner?

The answers are as varied as the individuals here at Metropolitan State University of Denver. But for someone just starting work at the University, something as simple as where to eat lunch may not be immediately apparent when they’re already drinking from the onboarding information fire hose. 

That’s where the Buddy Educational Excellence Program – BEEP for short – comes in, which pairs current faculty and staff with new hires.

“It’s nice to have a buddy outside of your department, especially when you first start here,” said Lori McKinney, service-learning specialist with the Applied Learning Center and co-founder of BEEP. “Most people have a shared connection to our students and like it here at MSU Denver; that’s why we want to share that positive, welcoming environment.”

Volunteers for the program complete a brief screener to identify areas of interest, then are matched up with mentees. The meetings are organic and informal, serving to share resources, social connections – and, yes, lunch.

McKinney and Classified Staff Council President Metza Templeton were involved in the launch of BEEP last year after their previous participation in the MetroLeads program. The mentorship program is a nod to the value of workplace culture, continued with the work of President Janine Davidson’s Advisory Council on the same topic.   

“It’s easy to fall into our own silos, so BEEP also serves as a cross-department way to get people connected to other parts of campus,” McKinney said. “It helps build relationships beyond what we all do.”

For more information or to volunteer, email McKinney.

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