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Recent departures and arrivals

Welcome to new faculty and staff; farewell to those moving on to new opportunities.

By Lindsey Coulter

September 19, 2018

MSU Denver signMetropolitan State University of Denver’s new hires:

Justin Kyle Bush, Academic Assistant, School of Education

Kwang Cho, Senior Analyst, Budget

Karisa Eberly, Scholars Coordinator, Student Success Program

Elizabeth Estridge, Concurrent Enrollment Specialist, Innovative and Lifelong Learning Programs

Daniela Garcia,  Interim Program Coordinator, Urban Education

Carole Goddard, Title IX Investigator and Student Conduct Specialist, Student Life Office

Shannon Michaela Harris, Administrative Assistant, Speech Communication

Taylor Hase, Supplemental Instruction Specialist, Student Success Program

Cary Hodges, Assistant Tennis Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

Nicholas Kinney, Director, Development Office

Kerry Marble, Fiscal and Budget Manager, Information Technology Services

Richard Miccio, Clinical Outreach Coordinator, Student Health Center

Jason Rice, Interim Culinary Lab Coordinator, Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Angela Tancik, Records Specialist, Registrar's Office

Chivonne Torres, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Kristen Wall, Associate, Human Resources

Nathan Wright, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator, Office of Graduate Studies

Devika Banerji, Assistant Professor, Speech Communications

Leslie Boyd, Assistant Professor, Art

Yunkyung (Jacob) Cho, Assistant Professor, Management

Michele Clark, Assistant Professor, Management

Gina Cook, International Business Faculty/Director of International Business Program, Business

Ya (Anna) Dai, Assistant Professor, Finance          

Lincoln  Davie, Assistant Professor, Health Professions    

Jonathan Dyhr, Assistant Professor, Biology        

Di Jia, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology

Nursen Konuk, Assistant Professor, Mathematical and Computer Sciences             

Elizabeth Macy, Assistant Professor, Music           

Jessica Ritter, Professor, Social Work      

Anthony Rivas, Assistant Professor HSP  

Alfredo Sanchez, Assistant Professor, Journalism

Siva Santhanam, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences  

Marcia Walsh-Aziz, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences

Devon Wright, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies         

Dawn Clement,  Assistant Professor, Music           

Theresa Buxton, Chair, Nursing  

Anna Gleisberg, Assistant Professor, Gender, Women and Sexualities       

Joseph Velasquez, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design 

Andre Adeli, Lecturer, Criminal Justice and Criminology  

Kelsey Asplin, Lecturer, Health Professions          

Kristen Atkinson, Lecturer, Social Work  

David Blanks, Lecturer, Philosophy

Saonti Chakraborty, Lecturer, Physics     

Perri Corvino, Lecturer, Social Work        

David Devine, Lecturer, Music    

Shellee Dyer, Lecturer, Engineering and Engineering Technology

David Farrell, Lecturer, Music     

Alex Fayman, Lecturer, Finance 

Honor Heer, Lecturer, Mathematics        

Kristina Kesselring, Lecturer, Accounting

Dagmar Kress, Lecturer, Aviation and Aerospace Science

Laurel Lane, Lecturer, Marketing              

Anthony Lopez, Lecturer, Accounting      

Shawna Margesson, Lecturer, Social Work

Sara Morris, Lecturer, School of Education           

Jeffrey Ogle, Lecturer, Philosophy            

Karina Packer, Lecturer Social, Work       

Alycia Palmer, Lecturer, Chemistry           

Brittany Plaven, Lecturer, Health Professions

Terri Robinson, Lecturer, Health Professions

Jennifer Seman, Lecturer, History            

Stina Soderlin, Lecturer, Gender, Women and Sexualities              

Judith Strathearn, Lecturer, Africana Studies       

Ann Sullivan, Lecturer, Social Work         

Arlene Supple, Lecturer, Marketing         

Marie Terry, Lecturer, Mathematical and Computer Sciences       

Adam Schor, Lecturer, Finance   

Paul Harrison, Lecturer, Accounting         

Sylvia Brady, Lecturer, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences  

Karen Kitterman, Lecturer, Detroit Institute of Music Education

Ethan Tsai, Lecturer, Hospitality, Tourism and Events       

George Nolly, Lecturer, Aviation and Aerospace Science      


MSU Denver’s recent departures:

Holly Blaschke, Executive Assistant, President's Office                   

Marilyn Faye Chipman, Educational Equity Coordinator, Equity Assistance Center              

Wanda Englehart, Administrative Assistant III, Student Health Center                     

Cheryl Whitney Fountain, Office Manager, Institutional Advancement

Cynthia Hejl, Director, Financial Aid                        

Debbie Magana, Associate Director, Student Academic Success Center                   

Michael Maley, Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center Office                       

Ashley Maloney, Call Center Coordinator, Enrollment Call Center                             

Alejandra Perez, Government Relations Manager, Communications                         

Agnes Robyn Sherwood, Administrative Assistant III, Faculty Senate                        

Carol Marie Svendsen, Senior Associate for Special Projects, Innovative and Lifelong Learning Programs            

James Tisdale, Registrar, Registrar's Office                          

William Emerson, Professor, Mathematics

Meenakshi Venkataraman, Lecturer, Social Work

Clayton Ramon Griffin, Associate Professor, Finance

Lacey Clark, Lecturer, Social Work

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