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Employee compensation update

More details on College and University Professional Association adjustments and one-time stipend.

By Lindsey Coulter

October 8, 2018

fall colors on auraria campusIn anticipation of distributing annual compensation letters Tuesday, Human Resources is providing new details on compensation changes for faculty and staff.

CUPA adjustments

The budget recently approved by the Board of Trustees included salary increases to maintain policy-defined salary levels (e.g., College and University Professional Association adjustments) and statute-required increases for specific employees. Further, the Board of Trustees and the Budget Task Force expressed their commitment to meeting the financial needs of all employee classes by maintaining the base-building CUPA minimum and by issuing a one-time, non-base-building stipend.

The CUPA adjustment is applicable to faculty and staff regardless of hire date. Where applicable, CUPA adjustments will be applied effective Oct. 1 and will be included in the Oct. 31 payroll.

Stipend Information

A one-time, non-base-building stipend of up to $2,000 is applicable to non-classified, benefit-eligible faculty and staff employed on or before June 30. If an employee is also receiving a CUPA adjustment, the stipend will be offset by the amount of the CUPA adjustment up to $2,000. The one-time, non-base-building stipend will be reflected in the Nov. 30 payroll. The stipend will be prorated based on full-time equivalency. The stipend will not be subject to benefit or retirement deductions but will be subject to federal and state taxes.

More information will be available soon in Human Resources’ annual compensation letters. In the meantime, questions about the CUPA adjustment and one-time stipend can be directed to Human Resources.

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