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Can you guess tomorrow’s Rewind host?

Want to take a quick trip across history (and the globe)? Check out this week’s host clues!

By Lindsey Coulter

March 28, 2019

Question markWith a workforce of roughly 2,900 faculty and staff, it’s nearly impossible to recognize every face on the Metropolitan State University of Denver campus. The Early Bird’s weekly Rewind helps, but starting this semester, we’re taking it one step further. If you’re a lover of puzzles, mysteries and trivia, this new weekly series is for you!

This week’s host has studied his family’s genealogy and found some interesting historical tidbits along the way. Their list includes multiple countries, centuries and languages, and even a few mountaintops. Analyze the clues, and share your guesses in the comment section below!

  1. I was raised in a loving working-class family with two first languages. My father was a skilled aircraft mechanic, and my mother did everything else!

  2. My family’s journey in this country began when my great-great-grandfather entered the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant in 1850.

  3. One of my grandparents was born in the U.S.; the other three entered the U.S. around 1910, as undocumented refugees from a foreign revolution.

  4. I descend from a long line of rabbis that was unbroken until the 1490s, when the Jewish communities of Spain and Portugal faced expulsion, forced conversions and death.

  5. My first European ancestor in the New World was a member of Christopher Columbus’ crew on his second voyage to the Caribbean.

  6. I speak Portuguese and have lived in a Portuguese-speaking country.

  7. I have also lived in three Spanish-speaking countries in North America, South America and Europe.

  8. I also have lived in eight states here in the U.S.

  9. I love to cook for my friends and family, including dishes from Spain, Portugal, Latin America, the Caribbean, Italy, Asia, India and several African countries. 

  10. As a former mountaineer, I summited five mountains over 14,000 feet, and I once summited a mountain solo above 17,800 feet.

Any light bulbs flickering? Share below, then check out Friday’s edition of the Rewind to see if you guessed correctly — and to get a helpful recap of this week’s top Early Bird stories.

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