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The latest on political activity, lobbying, student conduct, and data and email security policies.

By Megan Jones

April 17, 2019

MSU Denver Roadrunners with Rowdy at State Capitol BuildingThe University Policy Advisory Council met Thursday and discussed several Universitywide policies and revisions, including feedback from the University community on the proposed Political Activity and Lobbying Policy. The policy clarifies employee rights on lobbying and advocacy concerning public policy, including state and federal legislation.

The Council recommended revisions to the Board of Trustees policy on evaluation of the University president to request input from University faculty, staff, students and alumni during the evaluation process to better reflect Metropolitan State University of Denver’s commitment to shared governance.

Council members also reviewed proposed changes to the Board of Trustees policy on student conduct to delegate authority from the Board to the president and the vice president for Student Affairs to develop and approve the student code of conduct to reflect current practice.

The Council reviewed proposed revisions to the president’s policies on data and email security concerning use of non-MSU Denver email for official communications and automatic forwarding of email to personal email accounts. The revisions are sponsored by Information Technology Services to protect confidential, employee and student data and to reduce the cost of cybersecurity insurance in case of a confidential-data breach.

Other policies reviewed by the Council include proposed presidential-level policies on animals on University property and facilities use. Council members also gave feedback on whether the proposed Staff Senate Constitution should be codified as a University policy.

Employees are encouraged to review the proposed policies and to provide feedback by May 1 by emailing or using the University community feedback form on the University policy website at

Contact Policy Administrator Megan Jones at 303-605-5231 or with questions on the University policy process.

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