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Can you guess Friday’s Rewind host?

This Roadrunner was born and raised in Denver before circumnavigating the globe with a notable tour guide.

By Lindsey Coulter

April 18, 2019

Question markWith a workforce of roughly 2,900 faculty and staff, it’s nearly impossible to recognize every face on the Metropolitan State University of Denver campus. The Early Bird’s weekly Rewind helps, but this semester, we’re taking it one step further. If you’re a lover of puzzles, mysteries and trivia, this series is for you.

This week’s host is fairly new to campus and has shared the perfect anecdotes to help colleagues strike up a conversation. Analyze the clues, and share your guesses in the comment section below!

  • I circumnavigated the world with Archbishop Desmond Tutu (alongside 700 other students).

  • I managed to secure almost all of my spending money for study abroad on a very lucky blackjack streak. Ironically, I’ve never enjoyed gambling and currently won’t spend any money on it.  

  • My two celebrity crushes are Will Smith and Rachel Maddow.

  • I was born and raised in Denver and have been skiing only once, snowboarding once and hiking twice. I’ve committed to going on more hikes this summer and enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery more often!

  • I’ve spent more years in college (B.A., MSW, Ph.D.) than in elementary, middle and high school combined.

  • I’m a second-generation Coloradan. All four of my grandparents were from New Mexico, where my family lived for several generations prior to the Mexico/U.S. border shift.

  • My 3-year-old son teaches me life lessons on a daily basis.

Any light bulbs flickering? Share below, then check out Friday’s edition of the Rewind to see if you guessed correctly — and to get a helpful recap of this week’s top Early Bird stories.

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