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Step inside the Learning Nook

Why Learning and Development is vital for career success today and in the future.

By Rebecca Reid

April 30, 2019

Image of Auraria campus from aboveWe are living in an exciting time when change is happening rapidly and dramatically. This requires us to be innovative and adaptable in the way we work and, especially, how we learn at work. As a result, Learning & Development has evolved to serve as a strategic partner in achieving short- and long-term Metropolitan State University of Denver goals by contributing to effectiveness, performance, innovation and culture.

Technological advancements are creating a need for new social and technical job skills. Organizations across the globe are prioritizing L&D to address these needs. Learning is essential for people to do their jobs now, and as jobs shift and new ones emerge, continued learning allows employees and organizations to adapt to the roles of the future.

At MSU Denver, the ability to learn is essential for our success in the present and the future. The traditional four-year-college model is being assessed for its ability to serve the educational needs of students who do not fit the traditional demographic. Higher education has evolved from an intellectual endeavor to include providing the required education for competitive, high-paying jobs. We will be required to think creatively and apply new ideas and skills to adapt with the changing demands. Through collaboration and strategic thinking, L&D supports employees through change and facilitates the technical, social and cultural structures that will allow us to benefit from new opportunities.

Notable statistics:

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