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Arrivals and departures

Welcome to new faculty and staff; farewell to those moving on to new opportunities.

By Lindsey Coulter

September 16, 2019

MSU Denver signMetropolitan State University of Denver’s recent hires:

Tyler Amerman, Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

Javonne Archibeque, Department Coordinator, Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy

Fred Barlow, Chair, Computer Engineering

Micah Battson, Assistant Professor, Nutrition

Jody Beardsley, Administrative Assistant, Counseling Center

Laura Braunschmidt, Lecturer, Aerospace Science

Maria Cattell, Lecturer, Biology

Carrie Colton, Assistant Professor, Theatre

Denise Daphne, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist, Biology

Jerry Davidson, Lecturer, Computer Information Systems

Kelvin Dean, Academic Advisor, College of Professional Studies

Kristin Dupuis, Lecturer, Human Performance and Sport

Stacy Dvergsdal, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Kelly Evans, Assistant Professor, Human Performance and Sport

Jessica Fernquist, Pre-Collegiate Counselor, Excel Program

Julian Friedland, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Robson Glasscock, Assistant Professor, Accounting

Paolo Grazioli, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

Susan Hanny, Office Manager, Innovative and Lifelong Learning Programs

Elmer Harris, Lecturer, Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships

Brendan Hughes, Lecturer, Speech Communication

Ogar Ichire, Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Shane Jackson, Lecturer, Computer Information Systems

Michael Jennings, Lecturer, Finance

Chadwin Kendall, Associate Professor, Aerospace Science

Zachary Kirk, Lecturer, Computer Science

Nicholas Lara, Head Men’s and Women’s Track Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

Yishi Lee, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Sandra Leu Bonanno, Lecturer, Elementary Education

William Lewis, Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

Jason Ray Lopez, Lecturer, Health Professions

Jose Martinez Molinero, Assistant Professor, Secondary and K-12 Education

Adam Melnick, Lecturer, Management

Thomas Miller, Lecturer, Marketing

Thyago Lisboa Mota, Professor, Computer Science

Robert Niemeyer, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Katherine Nittmann, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Divinity O’Connor, Lecturer, Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy

Brian O’Hara, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Javiera Perez Gomez, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Rebecca Prater, Lecturer, Management

Ranjidha Rajan, Lecturer, Computer Information Systems

Guillermo Ramirez, Assistant Director, Student Activities

Leslie Ranniger, Lecturer, Management

John Rief, Lecturer, Speech Communication

Kathryn Crim Schrumm Schmidt, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Amanda Schwengel, Visual Story Teller, Strategy, Marketing and Communications

Christina Shimrock, Lecturer, ALP Programs

Thomas Shriver, Program Coordinator Assistant, Aerospace Science

Shalini Srinivasan, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mark Stephenson, Lecturer, Human Services and Counseling

Christopher Stewart, Assistant Professor, Management

Hope Szypulski, Interim Associate Dean, College of Professional Studies

Brandon Terry, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid

Zachary Thompson, Learning Spaces Specialist, Client Services

Jose Torres, Payroll Accountant, Accounting Services

Michele Terese Trujillo, Associate Professor, Special Education

Mary Tucker, Lecturer, Nursing

Emily Van Buren, Junior Course Developer, Center for Teaching, Learning and Design

Jessica Voorhis, Lecturer, Elementary Education

Ghada Walid Wahdan, Lecturer, Human Services and Counseling

Jennifer Watson, Lecturer, Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Gregory West, Interim Costume Shop Manager, Theatre

Kathryn Whitmore, Chair and Associate Professor, School of Education

Brooke Woolman, Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Yun Jin Woo, Assistant Professor, Art


MSU Denver’s recent departures:

Robert Amend, Interim Chief Academic Officer, MSU Denver at Detroit Institute of Music Education

Marcy Baltz, Counselor, Admissions

Melinda Brenimer, Senior Internship Coordinator, Applied Learning Center

Wilton Flemon, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kelli Frank, Director of Behavioral Intervention and Student Conduct, Student Life Office

Iliya Georgiev, Professor, Computer Science

Yuliya Golovatenko, Payroll Accountant, Accounting Services

Rick Johnson, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Advancement Services

Samantha Kalinowski, Business Analyst, Application Services

Kenneth LaFon, Undergraduate Advising Services Coordinator, Social Work Master’s Programs

Heather Ligrani, Program Administrator, AVPI and Lifelong Learning Programs

Phillip Mann, 3D Studio Manager, Art

Sarah Roesch, Perkins Loan Specialist, Student Accounts and Business Services

Brandi Scott, Associate Dean, Center for Equity and Student Achievement

Tatiana Shibata, Early Childhood Literacy Coordinator, Sociology/Anthropology

Cheryl Sipe, Administrator III, AVPI and Lifelong Learning Programs

Cynthia Vannucci, Professor, Hospitality, Events and Tourism

Michael West, Lab Manager, Chemistry and Biochemistry

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