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The Learning Nook

Reimagining supervisor excellence

By Rebecca Reid

September 16, 2019

Tivoli Student Union exteriorBeing a supervisor is an opportunity and responsibility to serve inclusively as a leader. At Metropolitan State University of Denver, supervisors play a critical role in employee engagement and performance. By aligning individual strengths with University needs, supervisors can leverage the diversity within their teams to contribute to student success and achieve excellence.

To support supervisors in developing their leadership skills, Learning and Development has begun curating resources on LinkedIn Learning. Here are two links to help you learn more about the foundational skills that can help you be an effective supervisor.

  • LinkedIn Learning Path: Become a Manager. Curated by LinkedIn Learning, this path is designed to provide you with the key considerations, skills and competencies to help you become and succeed as a manager.
  • LinkedIn Collection: Supervisor Excellence. Curated by MSU Denver Learning and Development in alignment with University needs, this collection will provide you with the skills and competencies to help you achieve supervisor excellence. This collection will continue to grow, adding the resources you need to serve your team and MSU Denver.

You can also see additional Supervisor Excellence resources in In Focus at Learning Nook 2.0 on the MSU Denver Learning and Development SharePoint site.

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