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Faculty Senate recap

Senators get an update on the C2 Hub and budgeting decisions, review progress on new and evolving policies.

By Lindsey Coulter

September 25, 2019

Faculty Senate meeting in progress.The Sept. 18 Faculty Senate meeting opened with an in-depth look at Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Classroom to Career (C2) Hub. Will Simpkins, Ed.D., vice president for Student Affairs, and Adrienne Martinez, executive director of classroom-to-career initiatives, shared a comprehensive overview of the program’s goals and its partial absorption of the Roadways program.

“I spent 14 months looking at the programs and systems in place not only in student career success but also in academic success,” Simpkins said. “I realized that if we want unified pathways for students to navigate, we need unified services.”

He added that Roadways units will remain largely intact through the shift. Orientation, transfer-success and testing efforts will remain within Enrollment Management. Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction will move to Academic Affairs. The peer-mentorship program, scholar support and retention will move to the C2 Hub under Martinez.

Simpkins hopes these moves will help balance the “classroom” end of the C2 Hub’s service spectrum, making it truly a unified-pathway model that better serves all students regardless of declared status or career/academic interest.

Martinez shared a more in-depth PowerPoint presentation, outlining how MSU Denver will align students’ co-curricular and curricular experiences with industry needs and trends, ultimately engaging 100% of the student population while also developing employer partnerships and engaging faculty.

“Students are at the core of all the partnerships we are either strengthening or developing,” Martinez said.

More information, including an overview of a new Industry Partnership Team and more details on faculty engagement, is available in the PowerPoint presentation. A related Faculty Learning Community is also launching soon. Those interested can contact Rachel Sinley.

Faculty Trustee Chris Harder, associate professor, Mathematics, gave an overview of the September Board of Trustees meeting, which included unanimous approval of the University budget (including funds for core building maintenance and improvements). Harder highlighted the board’s discussion of funding opportunities and concerns as well as its endorsement of Proposition CC.


  • The Board of Trustees approved College and University Professional Association maintenance and a 3% across-the-board pay increase. Please reference the recent Human Resources email for more information.
  • Those interested in participating in or helping to facilitate the Dialogues Program can contact Katia Campbell, Ph.D, Faculty Senate president and associate professor of Speech Communication; Thomas Ragland, associate director for Student Conduct; or Elise Krumholz, coordinator for Student Conflict Resolution Services.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to attend provost-search town-hall meetings today and Wednesday.
  • Committee seats are still open and seeking candidates.
  • The deadline for student research mini-grants is Oct. 1, and the Rowdy Scholar editorial board is seeking new members, particularly those representing the arts and humanities.

Policy updates:

  • Jessica Weiss, Ph.D., assistant professor, Art, led a first read of updates to the Honorary Degree Policy. Changes include language to clarify exemptions and to allow the retraction of an honorary degree should an individual not uphold University values.
  • Weiss also highlighted course load/overload language updates to the University catalog.

Curriculum Committee updates:

  • The manual for undergraduate studies has been reviewed, discussed and voted on by Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee and will undergo a first read at the next Senate meeting.
  • The committee welcomes ideas and solutions to help advance curriculum submitted by the Honors Program or various centers and institutes that are not faculty-led.
  • The committee also approved a Lifestyle Medicine proposal submitted by Health Professions as well as the cross-listing of a construction project management Professional Internships and Senior Experience.
  • Business and social-sciences faculty are welcome and encouraged to join the committee.

Topics: Events, Faculty Senate, Inclusive leadership

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