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MSU Denver leaders applaud employee milestones

Hundreds of Roadrunners honored at Wednesday’s Years of Service celebration.

By Rob Ingle

November 17, 2020

2020 Years of ServiceYears of Service 2020 was a collaborative celebration recognizing the commitment of our Roadrunner friends and colleagues. Hosted by Faculty Senate President Katia Campbell, Ph.D., and Staff Senate President Rebecca Reid, Wednesday’s event honored employees celebrating service milestones and featured several surprise presenters.

President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., in a prerecorded video, began the event by emphasizing that “today is a time for us to reflect upon our past and set our intention for the future.”  

Stacy Dvergsdal, associate vice president for Human Resources, who joined the University community in 2019, introduced the one-year honorees. Dvergsdal noted how proud she was of the supportive and caring community of Roadrunners. She pointed out that even in uncertain times, “our culture has remained strong and our purpose clear: our students and each other.”  

Shawn Worthy, Ph.D., professor, Human Services, presented the 25-year honorees. Worthy noted that 1995 also marked the debut of the University’s first homepage,, and its first-ever online course, Technical Writing.

Spotlighting the 35-year and 40-year honorees was George Middlemist, Ph.D., associate vice president for Administration/CFO. A self-proclaimed “numbers guy,” Middlemist pointed out that the honorees together have contributed approximately 2,400 years of collective service to students and the University. He also shared kind words about Christina Nguyen, bursar, who has been with the University for 35 years, and Ellen Boswell, director of Institutional Research, who celebrated 40 years as a Roadrunner. Middlemist thanked Nguyen and Boswell for their service and leadership and for being friends and mentors.  

Wrapping up the celebration, Robert Hazan, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Political Science, honored MSU Denver’s retirees. With a large smile, he reflected how faculty and staff together have built a university that has attracted a greater number of quality students and excellent faculty with sharp research and teaching skills. “We have provided high-quality education and offered our students the necessary tools to succeed in their professional lives,” Hazan said.

If you missed the live event, watch the recording online and check out the full list of honorees.

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