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Are your students registered for spring classes?

By Sean Petranovich, Ph.D., on behalf of the Council for Academic Excellence and Student Success

November 4, 2020

Student walking on campus; Denver downtown in background.The President’s Advisory Council for Academic Excellence and Student Success (CAESS) has been researching tactics for promoting student retention, specifically regarding how faculty members play a role in pursuit of that goal. One of the ways faculty members can help is by encouraging students who are in classes to register again for classes in spring. This was discussed in our recent article along with some suggestions for how to engage students. But how can faculty members know how many of their current students are already registered? Luckily, there’s an app for that.

Who’s Registered, developed by CAESS, gives faculty members insight into the percentage of their current students who are already registered for the upcoming spring semester. If you’re a faculty member currently teaching courses, try playing around to explore your own data. For example, try using the drop-down menus to select the school/college of your courses and the subject code or course ID, and then find your section number to get a better feel for the percentage of your students who are registered for spring.

In the interest of privacy, the tool displays data only for courses in which at least 10 degree-seeking students are enrolled, excluding students who have a pending graduation date. While Who’s Registered shows only the overall percentage of students registered for the upcoming semester and not individual student details, it gives faculty members insight into where their students stand. Faculty members are frequently the closest and most personal presence in the academic lives of students, and with this information faculty members can provide more targeted assistance in terms of knowing whether their students are continuing toward their academic goals.

Data for each course section is updated daily, so check back often to track progress.

Let’s all help students get registered. If you have other ideas related to promoting student retention, please reach out to CAESS co-chairs Sean Petranovich, Ph.D., or Kristy Lyons, Ph.D.

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